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Digital Entrepreneurship Training for 20,000 ​Anambra Youths


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About LevelUp Anambra

LevelUp Anambra is designed to equip 20,000 ​youths in Anambra State with digital ​entrepreneurship skills in recognition of the ​shortfalls in digital skills for employment and other ​livelihood opportunities.

The “Level Up Anambra” Initiative will be ​implemented virtually in cohorts. Each cohort will ​undergo 2-3 weeks of intensive hands-on training ​in the following courses; Web Design, Digital and ​Media Marketing, Graphics Design, Productivity ​Tools for Office Administration and ​Entrepreneurship.

LevelUp Anambra Program will target youth across all ​three senatorial zones; Anambra North, Central and ​South
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We support digital ​entrepreneurs

LevelUp Anambra gives Nigerian youth the needed leverage to excel with our specially designed curriculum to help ​new digital entrepreneurs find their footing and grow in Nigeria’s socio-economic terrain.

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Our curriculum is designed to help you build ​marketable skills required in the digital ​economy

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Access to a Certification of Completion ​accredited by Microsoft and Wootlab to boost your profile.

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Access to a pool of mentors and business ​experts to provide necessary business and ​career mentorship.

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