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Wootlab Innovations exists to harness the talent in people from countries across Africa, and turn them into the next generation of talents and startup unicorns. We are committed to our vision of "building people and building great products" to advance Africa's digital economy.
Web Development

The web is an essential part of human existence. Learn the latest web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Frontend Frameworks, NodeJS, Python and PHP and start off a career writing web applications.

Mobile Development

Create applications and any other kind of software development specific to mobile devices, including tablets and smart watches on the Android and iOS platforms. Stay current with mobile development using Swift for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android.

UI/UX Design

Learn a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design. You will learn current best practices and conventions in UX design and apply them to create effective and compelling screen-based experiences for websites or mobile apps.


DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. Learn to automate and integrate the processes between software development and IT teams, so they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably.

Data Analytics

Learn to analyze raw data in order to make conclusions about that information. Become conversant with the automated techniques, processes and algorithms to work with raw data and convert them to formats for human consumption.

Wootlab Internship

The Wootlab Internship program will give upcoming developers looking to build their careers the opportunity to have three-months hands-on experience horning their skills developing real-life, mission critical applications for clients. Internship is plugged directly into Wootlab’s culture of learning and professional development.


Devcamp is a selective and intensive coding bootcamp, committed to educating the next generation of tech talents in Africa. We offer cutting edge mentored courses in Web and Mobile Development, working together with the industry’s best professionals to create and accelerate beginners to job-ready developers in a 12-week career accelerator. Devcamp is a UK Nigeria Tech Hub project implemented by Wootlab Innovations.

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Emerging technologies today have become a radically new yet relatively fast component of our everyday society. KidsCypher is a program set up for primary and secondary kids on digital and emerging technologies, equipping them with hands-on knowledge of basic and intermediate digital skills that will help them grow and nurture their passion for technology and become equipped for the future of work.

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