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Our Awesome Services

Talent Outsourcing & Management

We understand critical aspects of your software development needs and match the right talent to the right role. With our strong ties to the community, we are well-positioned to produce the best talents from a large pool of geniuses and innovators.

Software Development

Our excellent and creative software developers go above and beyond your expectations to deliver premium products that meet your business requirements.

Technology Training

Software developers are some of the most-in-demand employees worldwide and training prepares you for that demand. Learn various modern technologies for the web, mobile and artificial intelligence with our training curriculum.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Our flexible plans for SMEs have been structured to accommodate current needs while making room for growth and expansion.

Hire and Manage remote engineering teams

Tell us the skills you need and we'll match you with the right talent today!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mary Igbazua

NorthEast Humanitarian Innovation Hub

Wootlab has up to date technology, good resources, good work/life balance and good people that always help. The social part of Wootlab is the best one you can find, I always want to go back there.

Petra Offor

PC District

I would recommend wootlab to parents who want their kids to learn how to code. Their Kids Cypher program is the best!

Adekunle Adewale

Acetrace Solutions and Synergy

We use Wootlab Innovations because of their reliability and capability. Having managed services allows us to work throughout the day without concern about what is happening in the technology side.

Our Expertise

Hire vetted developers across different stacks; from frontend to backend developers. Our work on projects includes UI/UX design, software development, testing, support and maintenance. We apply the latest technologies that optimise our work processes to achieve timely delivery.

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